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GIỚI THIỆU/ Tổng quan  
PROJECT 00040722 “Support to Socio-Economic Development Monitoring” supported by UNDP and DFID, aims to strengthen the national monitoring framework through the delivery of revised/updated National Statistical Indicator System necessary for Socio-economic development planning and SEDP/VDG/MDG monitoring; revised/updated National Statistical Action Plan; improved data quality and harmonized data collection; and improved data reporting, communication, use and storage. One of the most important tasks of the Project is to support GSO to develop a place to store data with mining tools for different data users to improve data access. In order to achieve this objective, GSO needs to develop statistical data warehouses to facilitate more effective management and using. However, since development of statistical data warehouses is new to GSO, many activities were carried out such as conducting study tours to some countries, and evaluating data sources. Minh Viet Company (an IT firm) was recruited to carry out an initial problem definition and requirements analysis. On the other hands, GSO conducted some study tours to Korea, Canada, etc to learn experience and practices. The study tour to Statistics Canada was headed by Mr. Nguyen Duc Hoa, Vice Minister of Planning and Investment cum Director General of GSO. The knowledge and experience obtained from these study tours have facilitated GSO to develop a statistical data warehouse for Viet Nam Household Living Standard Surveys (VHLSSs) 2004, 2006 and 2008 with the active participation of Center for Statistical Information Technology and Socio-Environmental Statistics Department.
Trung tâm Tin học Thống kê khu vực I, Tổng cục Thống kê
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Điện thoại: 04.38356104 – 04.38356101
  Vụ Thống kê Xã hội – Môi trường, Tổng cục Thống kê
Địa chỉ: 6B Hoàng Diệu – Ba Đình – Hà Nội
Điện thoại: 04.38439871 – 04.38463455